Missing avatar (buddy icons) for MSN contacts

I’'ve installed a test Wildfire 3.1.0 Beta 3 server with IM Gateway 1.0 Beta 3. After registering for the MSN transport , the MSN buddy icons are missing on using on the Spark client and Pandion client. For Pandion client, the MSN contact name/alias is missing. In its place, it is showing “No status message” for all the MSN contacts.

Anyone of you having the same problem?

Buddy icons are not yet supported. GATE-10

As for the No status message thing, some others have reported that but I’‘m not yet sure what rhyme or reason causes that message. One of the clients, it might actually have been pandion, has a weird “hack” in it to fix some “MSN problem” and causes this with PyMSNt. The thing is, I’‘ve yet to figure out exactly what problem they were seeing that caused this. And again, I don’‘t recall if it was Pandion that does this or not. I know, that’'s not entirely helpful. Has anyone seen this occur with anything -other- than Pandion?

In Pandion go to the Tools Menu, click on Transport.

In the Transports window you should see the MSN Transport.

In the bottom there is a checkbox that states “Allow MSN contacts to change their nickname”

Un-check that box and the contacts will show their actual MSN nickname. (you’'ll need to logoff and login again)

Jadestrom is right in the fact that Pandion uses some weird way of handling MSN contacts and it creates a problem with the nicknames.