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Missing Conversations After Upgrade 3.8.2

I upgraded 3.8.2 on May 31, 2013. After the upgrade I was unable to find conversations within the Search Archive under Server > Archiving > Search Archiving.

I checked the database and found the messages within the ofmessagearchive table but no data since May 31/2013 in the ofconversation table.

Any thoughts are suggestions are greatly appreciated.

The monitoring plugin broke the conversationID just like in http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/49324

I followed the post by @tlogan but to no avail as the conversationIDs restarted once again out of order.

I blew out openfire completely and re-installed with 3.8.2 but installed the 1.30 monitoring plugin.

Restored the data by changing the conversationIDs and incrementing the IDs prior to the break. This had to be included in the three tables as listed in @tlogan post.

Data mining FTW!