Missing database Schema for 'table' in openfire

I am developing a new plugin, where I need to create a table in db.

in database folder, added a file post_mysql.sql, and dbKey as postand version as 1:



INSERT INTO ofVersion(name,version) values(‘post’,1);


name varchar(255) NOT NULL,

date bigint NOT NULL,

message varchar(100) NOT NULL,

messageReason varchar(400) NULL,

PRIMARY KEY (name, date)


But it is giving me this log in admin console:

Missing database schema for table ofPost. Attempting to install…

postPlugin- Database update failed. Please manually upgrade your database.

Starting Client Control Plugin

Starting Fastpath Server

Starting Monitoring Plugin

hi everyone…

i found a solution to this problem…

Things i did to create my new table without errors was:

  1. name of the table must be lower case and database version in plugin .xml and CREATE query was set to 2.

  2. set the setup value \conf\openfire.xml as false

and then build plugin and run again.

I didn’t understand why the second step was needed, but it solved my issue and my table got created.