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Missing Groups?

OpenFire: 3.6.3

Java Version: 1.6.0_03

OS: WinXP Tablet Edition


In adding groups through the openfire administration panel I had noticed a few problems and here’s my set up:

Create Group >

Min 4characters in name >

No Description >

Members Added >

Min 2 Members >

Settings Saved

*with this same scenario, when I have exceeded 3 created groups the do not become visible. My Total Group Count is correct however in the table summary below it shows only the first 3.

Now…when I delete a group some show, once I add another is where the problem happens again.

Has anyone experience this problem?




Well it appears that if you add the " * " as the wild card in the group search box all of them show. I suppose this is how it is unless anyone has any suggestions. What do you think Group?


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