Missing method on Smack 4.4.6

I’m working to integrate XMPP-based chat into our Android app. For starting point, we use Influence (which uses Smack). So far it works OK.

It doesn’t have OMEMO encryption enabled, though. The doc says:

//set path in case we want to use a file-based store (default)
OmemoConfiguration.setFileBasedOmemoStoreDefaultPath(new File("path/to/your/store"));

BTW, I’m using Smack 4.4.6 and Android Studio complained that it couldn’t find


So what’s the replacement?

I’m facing the same issue, did you solve it?
Could it be perhaps that both smack-omemo and smack-omemo-signal both have the OmemoConfiguration class but only the smack-omemo-signal has the .setFileBasedOmemoStoreDefaule method?

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