Missing <option/> in the form returned for default node config


I asked the following to the XMPP standards discussion list (regarding whether the Openfire
behavior of omitting the encapsulating <option/> around a list-single <field/> in the form
returned for default node config) and received the
following reply from one of the specifications authors (which indicated the behavior should
be corrected):

Brett Zamir wrote:
> > In the Openfire implementation of Pubsub, the following <field/> is
> > returned in a form (for default configuration of nodes):
> >
> >    <field var="pubsub#itemreply" type="list-single" label="Select entity
> > that should receive replies to items"><value>owner</value></field>
> >
> > All of the other <field/>'s encapsulate the <value/> inside of
> > <option/>. Should that be a standard requirement for the list-single
> > type? I presume the behavior here is that with only one item (obviously
> > the same as the default), the <option/> is being dropped, but should
> > that be the case?
> >
> > The Data Form (XEP-0004) spec states "<option/> -- One of the options in
> > a field of type "list-single" or "list-multi"", but I'm not clear that
> > this requires the <option/> to be there in the first place... It might
> > be inferable as such, however..

When the form is of type "form", then a field of type "list-single" or
"list-multi" MUST contain only <option/> children (not <value/>
children). When the form is of type "submit" then the child element is
<value/>. It seems that this is not perfectly clear, so we'll fix that up.


Peter Saint-Andre