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Missing people after server reboot

I am running openfire 3.3.2 using spark 2.5.7 as clients. I have 250 users contained in 12 groups. The problem I have is if I reboot the server or the line drops for a min then only half the users are logged back on. For the users who are not listed as logged on, their clients are showing them as available but not showing any other people logged on.(if that makes sense) can somebody please explain how I may be able to fix this problem Thanks.

Hey Shane,

What happens if you log out from Spark and log back in? Is Spark getting the correct users and their presences? I’m trying to figure out if this is a reconnection problem in Spark.


– Gato

Once the server reboots and some users are left online by themself, if that user then logs out and back in then it does pickup the other users without any problems.