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Missing users.. Is this a known issue?

Hello all,

I an running openfire 3.4.5 on a windows XP sp2 machine, connect VIA LDAP to my Novell Edir.

I discovered that if I have the same user in more then one context in my tree, that the user will not be pulled via ldap to openfire. You would think that it would at least display the first one it encounters as it walks the tree, but it would not display them at all…

I didn’t know if this was a known issue or not. This behavior seems to be unaffected by filters…

I didn’t need this user to be in two places, so I deleted one of them and it is all good, but I could see where this could be an issue for others… So I just thought I would mention it here…



Hi Wayne,

a lot of products throw errors if they find a uid more than once in LDAP. You should see such errors in the Openfire log files.

Maybe you can specify a long base DN to make sure that Openfire searches only a small par of your LDAP tree which contains unique uids.