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Mixing providers


I hope to get some help for the following setup, which I think is not that common, because of having different data sources.

If authentication and user sources are handled by the nativeAuth providers and work ok. I am trying to use nativeAuth only for authentication, letting the user provider be LDAP, as well as vcard and group ones.

I tried using the ldap provider only for vcard lookups and keeps failing with the following error:

/opt/wildfire/logs/error.log:javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: LDAP: error code 32 - No Such Object; remaining name ‘‘cn=Peralta Nieto, Luis,ou=Servei d’‘Informà tica,ou=Servei,ou=Estructura funcional’’

and I think not using the ldap user provider may be the cause for it (the user exists and the search is performed ok as I see in LDAP logs).

Did anyone try a similar setup?