Is there anyone who could help with MJSIP1.6 sip stack? I am developing a sip UA and can register with an Asterisk server I plan to use in a project I am developing… so registration & invite is working fine… However, my project requires out-of-band signaling and I am having trouble forming an INFO message… Anyone have any examples other than what is on the mjsip website… not much there about INFO messages… THX!!!

I doubt it would be hard to implement this. The thing is, I can’‘t understand how all of that crap works. Like how would I create an account with “SIP”, would I be setting up my own “SIP” server? I tried setting up a SIP server that I found and I really don’‘t understand what it is I’'m supposed to be doing with it. I think I got it running but… ? Are there public SIP servers that I could connect to to test with? (I guess I should be saying SIMPLE) If I understand how the thing works more I could actually write the transport. I tried reading up on it at one point and it bored me too much and seemed far too complex to warrant my free time. =)

think the best start is to download ASTERISK … actually I like to use trixbox.org … This is ASTERISK but you do not have to compile & install a lot of stuff as you would if you went to digium to roll-your-own… I get lost in a lot of the terminology when it comes to VOIP… In order to use * you will need an ATA(analog telephone adapter) or a softphone …lots of those around…(google is your friend) …Now the real prize in this post … for easy to read info on * go to www.nerdvittles.com WARD knows his STUFF!!!

A BIG problem in developing is getting through all of the RFCs and understanding what needs to be in a SIP message and for an under developed JAVA programer like me… The BIGGEST problem is making it happen in CODE… so far in my developement I can register with the * Server and create a call… Now I need to use INFO signaling(RFC2976) http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2976.txt Which may have updates …this along with my poor Java skills makes this a challenge!!!


SUCCESS! Without going into a great deal of detail - and believe me that is plenty. In order to send SIP messages using the MJSIP stack, as well as any JAVA sip stack - I would imagine. You must implement the proper INTERFACES as outlined in the API (JavaDoc)… in mjsip you will use messageFactory.createRequest & BaseMessageFactory.createMessageRequest then use a couple of methods to modify content-type headers from like message.setbody(…) … INFO messaging can be achieved …and someone who know very little JAVA a few months ago will learn a LOT before accomplishing the task!!!

Congratulations? =) I’'m still rather lost. Are you saying you managed to get the equivalent of a simple instant message sent?

Not exactly – In my development …I will have 12 training simulators(softphones on touchscreen pc’‘s) and working within an IVR and a single operator on an asterisk server. The simulator’'s GUI is a two-way radio and I needed to use INFO messages for sending DTMF signaling… With Asterisk…as with other VOIP servers …DTMF signaling can be implemented a couple of different ways. The most obvious would be in-band, where DTMF tones are sent in the voice path - but this leads to distortion problems with less than G.711ulaw … and for this and other reasons was not a good choice for my development … I chose an out-of-band method…INFO Messages… in my development I am working with an IVR and the tones are not sent outside of the server… but in the real world should I want to have Asterisk send my call out a PSTN …it would use the INFO messages and regenerate them as DTMF tone the POTs systems uses…


Text messages – but they must be within the same dialog as the call and other rules as outlined in the RFC2976

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How did you get MJsip to register with an Asterisk server? I’ve been fiddling with it and can’t seem to figure it out.

sorry for bumping an old topic, but I need some help/advice.

I am developing a java SIP UA and I would like to connect it with asterisk, but I can’t register on it.

I tried register mjsip on asterisk but with no success.

Can you help me ? how did you pass the registration ?