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Mobile Operator block port 5222 please help


I’‘m newbee in IM, then I found this great Openfire… well my boss wants me to create a mobile based IM, so I downloaded some mobile jabber based IM and studied it … when I do it in local PC all runs well, but when I deploy it to mobile phone … somehow my app can’'t connect to the live openfire server … my friends told me because in Indonesia (my country) , most operators blocked all IM port … so I found JWeb chat … that uses port 80 that will never be blocked by operator … so My architecture will be like: Mobile jabber client >> connect to >> Jabber Web server (as a relay) >>>then connect to >>> Openfire …

Can anyone help me where could I download Jabber servlets for my tomcat/apache??? cos I need to create a relay server from my mobile to openfire… can I use JWeb chat’'s servlets as a relay servlets to openfire??? … is there any documentation for that??? cos I couldnt find the source code for JWeb chat … Please advice me

Thank you all,

Best regards Bromo

Just to clarify: Is your company looking at creating just the mobile client application that users will be using with any XMPP server, sort of like http://www.agilemobile.com/agile_messenger.html or will your company run a server and you need the mobile application to connect to your server ?

If it’‘s going to be your own server you could try to just configure it to accept client connections from a non-standard port that isn’'t blocked by the mobile network operator or you could leave the server settings un-touched and use an iptables rule to redirect from port 80 to 5222.


I think it would also be worth checking if it really is because the port is being blocked by the operator. I communicate with people on their mobiles in Indonesia very frequently and we haven’'t had a problem. They have been using agile messenger on the Telkomsel service. I might be able to test on Indosat.

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I did check agile messenger … my friend use it as well … but no longer use it … since the subscribers are required to pay a certain amount … my guess is that there is a big possibility that agile has some kind of agreement with telcos … maybe a profit sharing??? I dunno … so they subscribers could has access to agile port.

My IM project is for anybody … no fee will be implement … more like Yahoo Messenger for mobile … its suppose to be a support for a community site …

By the way … I already figure out how to do it.

I’'m still new in jabber protocol … and I have a tight deadline … no time to study this protocol (formating xml doc and so on) … what I did is creating some objects that wraps Smack components (I call this class = Cast) …

Everytime user request a new session … through a HttpConnection … a servlet will handle this request.

If that request is a login request … the servlet will create a new instance of Cast (representation of user) and register it in Servlet app context (key - value) …

If that request is a chat request … the servlet will retrieve user’'s Cast instance from Servlet app context … and invoke a chat method inside the retrieved Cast object… in turn … the Cast will invoke a chat session in jabber server.

All incoming chat from user’'s counterparts will first stored in Cast instance, until the user request it through servlet.

This Cast object will be maintain in Servlet app context until the user send a logoff request.

and so on …

My method may cause a lot of resources to use. But currently I just go for this.