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Recently I been bothered by a user, via this forum and by personal email, and the same user has posted same questions over and over the XIFF forum.

Would there be by any change a possibility to flag posts/users as spam and someone then with higher power would moderate?

XMPP-Scrapper? Well, there is the Report abuse button in the thread actions, so you can mark it as abuse, though i dont believe someone is watching these reports. Most of the documents that were created instead of the discussions are still wasting my Recent Documents widget space As about private message abuse, you can try contacting Benjamin, maybe he can do something about this.

XMPP-Scapper seems quite annoying, but it doesn’t seem that he’s actually being evil. I wouldn’t want to disable him for the behavior which I currently observe.

Have you tried telling the user to stop harassing you?

I have just told him this in one of his threads. Hope this will work.

I replied in one of his/hers/its personal message and explained that usually if there is no answer within few days, no one knows the answer.

I also told to stop posting same thing over and over.

After this I still got the same thing over again.