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Modified FastPath WebClient Plugin

I tried editing the WebClient FastPath plugin to change the window size that generates the event showButtomChat, but I do not work.
I unzipped the amended draft jivelive.jsp and rebuilt the plugin deploy webchat.war but when the changes do not appear.
I can indicate what has happened to me I can be wrong or where I can find documentation about it ?..

Thank you so much!
Excuse the English but I used a translator.

Hay que utilizar ANT… para recompilar los serverlet

If you are able to rebuild webchat.war, you can put debug logging messages to help determine why you see an incorrect result. For .java source this is Log.debug("");, for .jsp sources, just place the debug in an HTML comment or use a js alertbox depending. You could post your modified js function here to provide more info as well.