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Modify spark client for company.

Good night friends!
I have tried in the forum some tutorials and tips to modify the spark for the company in which I work. But all the articles I found were out of date with the current Build. Could someone give me a hand? First of all thank you very much!

I think you have to get a bit more specific on that. First of all, what do you want to change?

Hey Paul, how are you? Then my friend I would like to put the company logo on the login screen and leave the server address field filled. But my biggest question is about the compilation. I was able to download the code from version 2.8.3 but I did not understand how the compilation process works. I read a question regarding the use of install4j but it did not work.

Spark’s source code contains IDE setup guides for Eclipse and IntelliJ. If you are a developer, it should be fairly easy to setup and compile/build source. If you are not a developer, then you might try to avoid it and just open Spark/lib/spark.jar with an archiver and edit default.properties file inside it and add a fixed HOST_NAME value and replace \images\spark.gif with your own image. Then package spark.jar back with an archiver and distribute custom spark.jar to your users’ computers (via some script). Of course, you will have to do this after every Spark update. If you want to create your own installers, then it is fairly complicated. You may search the forums for Izpack or Advanced Installer, but you will find pretty old information. Official installers are built with Bamboo system, which uses commercial install4j to produce installers. You have to have a license. Personally i don’t know how Bamboo/install4j operate.