Modifying Spark user interface for restricted user environment


Please try to respond to the following, thanks.

  1. Password protect “Preferences” (Spark>Preferences)

  2. Remove/disable for users “Plugins” download and install from Spark>Plugins)

  3. Remove/disable for users “Languages” (Actions>Language)

  4. Remove “User Guide” “Spark Forums” “Check for Updates” (Help> User Guide, Spark Forums, Check for Updates)

  5. I also need to have automatic log off feature from Openfire Server after a specified amount of idle time.

Remove/Disable from the main login interface “Accounts” and “Advanced” and bring those under “Preferences”

The above changes are necessary for a system administrator to avoid

unnecessary support request and avoid out of context questions from end

users. We are committed to provide reliable solutions to our end users

and make their work environment as sooth as possible. That doesn’t mean

that we need to spend our valuable time on a paranoid/digger from

messing up things by providing too much details of the tool. Too much

information and unnecessary features are always trouble for any system


I would really appreciate your help on this and I’m sure all us will benefit once we are able to make the above changes.