Monitoring and Client Control Services Not Installing

Hi all,

Just installed Openfire 3.6.4 on Windows XP 32-bit system with Mirosoft SQL Server 2005 Standard backend and integration with Active Directory. Working well and so far very pleased. However, I’m having a few problems getting the Monitoring Service and Client Control plugins installed and working.

I can either drop the plugin JAR files into the plug-ins folder or install them by browsing and uploading them manually. Either way report they are both installed/uploaded successfully.

However, when I launch the Openfire web control panel they are listed as installed under the Plugins section but appear alongside the “Server Manager”, “Server Settings” and “Media Services” tabs as “” and “” for the Monitoring Service plugin, and “” for the Client Control plugin (See attached screen grab).

Following further testing I noticed that if I stop/restart Openfire, it says starting Client Control / Monitoring Service as it gives the various status’ during startup, but fails to get any further and stops Openfire from completing it’s startup process(s), and preventing me from logging in unless I manually stop Openfire and remove the plugin(s). For whatever reason the two plugins just aren’t starting and allowing Openfire to launch correctly. The default search plugin you get is okay but the two I could really use aren’t.

Can anyone kindly offer any fix or workaround for this? Free tasty choccy biscuit to whoever helps with a solution :wink:



*** FIX FOUND ***

Just in case anyone else has this problem, eventually found a fix.

  1. Take a note of setup configuration, just to save your self a mare later.

  2. Stop and uninstall Openfire (also stop and remove service if you configured Openfire to run as a Windows services)

  3. Re-install Opnfire (but do not go through setup/configure process)

  4. Stop Openfire

  5. Drop the extra plugins your require into plugins folder

  6. Start Openfire and run through configure as usual

  7. Fire up Openfire admin/management console, the plugins should now be present.

Seems Openfire really doesn’t like certain plugins being added following setup and configuration. Pop those plugins in the the plugins folder before you reach the setup/config stage and all seems well.