Monitoring feature not available

Hi There !

I’m running Openfire 3.5.1 with monitoring plugin installed. But I’m not able to monitor the server via Admin Console!

Can you tell me, where could be the problem? What should I do, if I would like to run monitoring feature?

The plugins tab is saying that I have this plugin installed, but cannot use that feature at all.

I have also enterprise directory under plugins folder created with enterpise.jar file, but the enterpise plugin is not installed (not under plugins tab)

Thx for support!

I have solved the problem.

  1. Shutdown the Openfire Server

  2. Delete Enterprise directory

  3. Start the Openfire

Now the graphs are available…

Where did you found the enterprise directory? ?:expressionless:

You can find it in program’s install folder. Mine is…

C:\Program Files\Openfire


Ah, you’re using Windows. I’m using Ubuntu and i don’t have the enterprise directory in my openfire installation dir