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Monitoring Plugin and Performance (with backend DB)


I am an Openfire server (v3.52) running with PostgresSQL as the backend database.  I find that the Monitoring Plugin to be most useful when it comes to the usage statistics.  However, the second I turn on Archiving, users begin to complain about messages delays  or even "disappearing messages"  (that is, some users report that they do not get some messages at all).  With archiving off, the lags and message "blackholes" no longer manifest.    The server hardware is pretty good:

HP DL 360

Intel E5420 (Quad Core @ 2.5GHz)


Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2

PostgreSQL8.1 (locally installed)

Openfire 3.52

User authentication: Active Directory

*Usage levels: daily average of concurrently connected users, <200. Theoretical maximum, approx. 1500 users. Login behavior is related to work shift. So, it’s possible to a get a large number of users to login nearly simultaneously. *

So, I’m forced to consider how Openfire/Monitoring plugin interacts with my database. Out of box, Openfire (v3.52) configures minconnections to 5 and maxconnections to 15 for the database. This seemed low to me so I upped both values to 30 and 55 respectively (doing this may have solved a side issue where some users encountered “invalid logins”). PostgreSQL, out-of-box, has a default maximum connections value of 100 (I upped this value to 500). Unfortunately, I am unable to find any specific documentation that recommends suggested values based on the number of concurrently connected users. With the archiving feature turned on, I suspect that the maxconnections value used by Openfire becomes critically more important. My questions are:

  1. is the maxconnections setting for Openfire database connections a “hard limit”? What is the maxconnections setting in relation to the number of concurrently connected users?

  2. Is there a recommended “formula” or ratio of database connections to connected users when using the archiving feature? I suspect. that there is.

Anyone else out there using archiving with no loss of performance? If so, can you describe your Openfire configuration (including usage numbers)?

Thanks, y’all.



Hi Gregory,

How often are you vacuuming the database?


Daily, when I back it up.