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Monitoring plugin doesn't work, embedded db


Some time ago I deleted all information realted to monitoring plugin from openfire.script. I did it becase I didn’t find any way to clean the archiving logs. Today I enabled monitoring plugin again and found that it doens’t show conversation logs. I tried to enable and disable plugin, stop and start openfire process, turn off/on archiving from web interface - it doesn’t help me.

Please let me know how to get monitoring plugin to work.

Embedded database is only for testing, it’s not supposed to be used in production environment. It’s not easy to clean this database and not to brake anything. Monitoring plugin doesnt have logs cleaning option, so when deleting something manually in the database there is a chance to brake something. I think in your case the only solution would be to start with a fresh database (some standalone preferable, like MySQL). In future you should make backups and check if everything is working fine after you manually edit your database. Probably you shouldnt use Monitoring plugin if you need to delete logs. Though there is no other convenient solution. You can only use audit logs and audit logs viewer, but it is not very convenient and you cant search in all logs.

I’m saying that, because there is noone here who understands how this plugin works. Jive developers (who have created this plugin) have open sourced it and left it as is. I doubt you will get any solution for this problem.

The embedded db is not so bad. It’s works fine. I have got back monitoring plugin to live. Just inserted “create table” and “index” statemets back to the openfire.script. Like the idea of embedded db, but the sqlite looks much better for me than hsqldb. It also would be nice to see an option to clear archiving logs from openfire interface or just to keep logs by certain amount of data or by certain date.


you may encounter out of memory errors using the embedded database and the monitoring plugin. The embedded database keeps all tables in memory, so the more conversations you log the more memory Openfire needs.

sqlite is C based so one will likely not embed it in Openfire


gregp wrote:

The embedded db is not so bad.

Yes. I use it myself on my own risk. But i dont store monitoring data in there or do any manual editing of it.

It also would be nice to see an option to clear archiving logs from openfire interface or just to keep logs by certain amount of data or by certain date.

I dont think this would be possible if Jive official developers start working on those plugins again. As i understand from Gato comments it was programmed in such way on purpose (no option to purge logs). This monitoring plugin was intended for organizations which has to collect audit data and store it for all the time (theoretically). Anyway. I can remember only one person who has done some customizing of this plugin (i think, though maybe it was internal auditing system after all). Until there is some volunteer to take this job, customizing this plugin or creating new one, these are just nice wishes

There are no so many people connected to my openfire server and I do not keep all conversation in the embedded db. I used monitoring plugin for only one chat room and of course there are maybe some memory issues. I move my openfire from one server to another very often for some reason. In my case migration of myslq server and data is overkill. This is why I prefer to use embedded db and would like to see an option to limit log size or purge log manualy.

MySQL is also C based, there are no any problem to use sqlite bindings.