Monitoring Plugin not working

In Openfire 3.6.0 with monitoring plugin 1.1.0 the graphs are not showing (getting only a red X in the upper left, indicating broken link of some sort) and none of the conversations appear to be getting archived despite having set it to archive all chats. What have I done wrong?

It appears as thought the plugin did not install correctly. I would manually delete the plugin via this method:

  1. Stop openfire
  2. Delete the monitoring plugin jar file and its associated folder from the Openfire plugins folder
  3. Start Openfire
  4. Re-install the monitoring plugin

If you have the same error again i would question the permissions on th plugin directory.

hmmm, tried this and had no success. permissions on the folder seem alright, is there something specific I need to be checking? it’s writable obviously, and I believe the admin client for OpenFire has access to install to the server (tied into my Active Directory system)…

— Ryan