Monitoring plugin: PMs initiated from MUC?

We’ve been successfully using the Monitoring plugin (1.1.1, I believe) for quite some time, but a recent incident has brought a bug to our attention.

It seems that private messages started via MUC (i.e., double-click on a name in the user list while participating in a MUC) are not logged by the Monitoring plugin. It appears these kind of messages may be sent completely out-of-band, and logging cannot be enabled for them without modifying the core of the Openfire server code.

Am I missing a simple option, or does anyone know of an alternate logging plugin (already planning to test Openarchive on our dev server tomorrow morning) that will supply this feature?


Openfire 3.5.2 running on Ubuntu 8.04.1LTS

Monitoring plugin 1.1.1

MySQL database


Client software for the issue that we observed (and that “sparked” this bug report) is Spark 3.5.8, but I believe this is a bug with either the Openfire server itself or the monitoring plugin.

Hi Paul,

Unfortunately, it is a known issue.


Well, that’s unfortunate. Good thing we’re not looking for HIPAA compliance

We’ve got some developers on staff, and will almost certainly start working on a way to either log or disable those kind of messages. Once we’ve got it working, I’ll see about submitting a patch.