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Monitoring Service can't show conversations if conversations have OTR

I have install Monitoring Service this plugins. But user conversations has unknow code. Like follow message.

[11:47 AM]	jimmy.sh: 	?OTR:AAICAAAAxEvQfJ6O/PrJmHxFMmYbKJCu3uvSXapLzW7SKaZkn8paq1XakkqdzwlWYQSucEyLOJBieBcOtbj18AztE4pWY354tCe2zejFiRmdy0Aq9LKXkAI+Y0vAIrP/9NZkZsJp4en7j/5jR0PtYOOUN9stIa2cTuUhKKoa5OqhBfaKJJrYeGbckHbU07sN2GjrZV3GnombeTaFtIKhVhtFrQXZm1TVV3im++Y19FD2V/nM5hAyt1WSWaZcFIXW+v7D9xFOJQOpIjQAAAAgTz0Buv+2Sm+ZIQ10MKpIGiaHgpM1JxcNGA/CMfp9Q2c=.

OTR is ssl module? Or only support english and number?

This is expected. OTR is encrypting messages before they are sent to the server. If you don’t want that, forbid your users to use OTR.

I don’t understand your last questions though.