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Monitoring Service - MUC Conversation Reference

I’m using the Monitoring Service plugin to keep track of conversations happening in group chat rooms. When a message is sent to everyone in the room everything is archived just fine. But when people send private messages the room they used isn’t registered. The column storing the room reference of the conversation is null and I can’t retrieve the private conversations that took place in a specific room.

It seems private muc messages are taken out of their room context and only the sender/reciever is logged. The information should be there it just doesn’t get logged.

Is there an option that I’m missing or is there another way to link archived private muc conversations to their room?

Unfortunately, I think this is simply a bug. I see it too

Can anyone confirm this is a bug or just the way it’s implemented.

I checked the MUC standards and it mentions that if you send a one-to-one message, the type should be set to chat instead of groupchat. If the monitoring service uses the type of the message to determine if the private conversation is initiated from a MUC room, obviously it will fail.

I also noticed that the occupant jid is always translated to the the users’s original jid. Is there a way to prevent this and just store the occupant jid.

e.g.: room1@rooms.server.com/user instead of user@server.com/resource

I’ve just been through the bug tracker and the ability to archive private MUC conversations seems to be fairly new, implemented since 3.7, right?

When archiving the only distinction being made is between a public MUC or a normal private message by setting the room column or not. There’s no history about a private message being send in a MUC context or not. This can be checked by looking at the occupant JID instead of the original user JID?

Is it possible for third parties to make changes to the Monitoring Service plugin and would this be the cleanest way for me to implement my additional archiving needs?

Why do you think it’s a bug and not the way it’s implemented?

I would think the desire would be to capture private-chats-via-MUC for compliance purposes.

How do I go about getting this in the issue tracker? The tracker just redirects me to these discussions. I cross my fingers and hope a moderator spots it?

Do you have any experience with this plug-in? I would like to get a heads up on how hard it would be to fix this myself before I dive into the code.

I am not sure what you are talking about. This bug / lack of functionality has been around for a while. I filed ticket OF-571 to track it.

I am sort of a moderator and do read every post. I triage bugs into Jira as necessary. Opening up jira to the public is something we discussed, but we’d get too many non-bugs there.

The other issue is that there are currently very few active openfire developers.