Monitoring Service plugin / Archiving / Keyword search not working?


I’m trying to use the server-side logging feature, and the logging seems to work ok (although PDF generation omits unicode characters like chinese characters… but that’s another issue).

But: Searching for a keyword doesn’t seem to work at all. I also tried ‘rebuild index’. What am I doing wrong?


Second that-Anybody have any information or a link for reading on this?

I am also seeing this. Will this be looked at and fixed?


Same here, the search index is with 0,0K

same here.

Same problem.

Has anyone found a solution to this? I’m on 3.7.0 and just experienced this problem. Cannot search keywords. Index shows 0.0K, but tens of thousands of archived messages and conversations. Log files show nothing when I re-index. Thanks.

Same here bump to this thread. I can search by date and user but using a keyword kills all results even if a valid word is used. I think its searching the wrong field in the DB im running a external db ver, MySQL 5.0.67-community-nt

Hi All !

I have Openfire 3.7.1 under Linux.

The monitoring plugin search didn’t work until i reinstalled the Search plugin.

renamed the old search.jar to search.jar-OLD

And downloaded the new one version 1.5.1

Restarted openfire and worked out.

It seems the new monitoring plugin uses the search plugin.

Thanks !

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Keyword search is not working for me. When I try rebuilding the index I get the following error message.

TypeError: element.getInlineOpacity is not a function

Restarted the Search plugin, and now the archive search works just fine.