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Monitoring service plugin for Openfire 3.8.1

Where can i download monitor service plugin for Openfire version 3.8.1 and more old version?

Here’s two older versions of this plugin that i have. They were probably meant for 3.8.2, but should work with 3.8.1 i think.
monitoring 1.3.0.jar (1541250 Bytes)
monitoring 1.2.0.jar (1528987 Bytes)

is there a plugin for version 3.10.2?

1.4.7 has min version 3.9.0, all later version already have min version 4.0.0. There was no specific version for 3.10 branch i guess, or i don’t have it.
monitoring 1.4.7.jar (4.6 MB)

When I installed it gave the following error.

Is this error shown during installation of plugin? Try renaming it to just monitoring.jar.

Buenas tengo openfire 4.2.3 y no me funciona los plugin de monitoring

Me puedes ayudar con algun plugin monitoring reciente