Monitoring Service plugin not working

Hello all,

I had problems with the java memory on openfire 3.5.2, reading some of the threads here i added the Xms and Xms parameters in the configuration file a couple of days ago.

Today openfire was unresponsible so i added the Xss parameter and restarted openfire. Everything seems to work fine now but i have no statistics.

Currently there are 303 concurrent users conected, but the statistics shows 0 Current Users, Active Conversations and Packets Per Minute even while the Current Conversations list gets updated.

The OPENFIRE_OPTS variable is set to -Xss256k -Xmx768m -Xms768m

The server has a Pentium 4 2GHz, with 1GB RAM, openfire is installed on CentOS 4.6 i386

Thanks in Advance.


I found this thread about a similar problem with the statistics, i followed the steps of the last post, after a few problems with the ownership of the database’s tables it was fixed.