Monitoring Service Plugin - recreates stanza from element without Nickname

When running the Monitoring service with conversation.roomArchivingStanzas enabled, the stanza will be saved and upon querying the archive it will return this saved stanza, with the ‘from’ element being a MUC occupant with the nickname. (See figure below)

However when the conversation.roomArchivingStanzas is disabled, the original stanza will not be saved and the stanza will be recreated with the ‘from’ element having just the username in it.

I was expecting the archive would return a from here with a chat occupant ‘JID’ here, including the nickname, which I believe can be retrieved from the database.

Is the above described behaviour expected or a bug?


Hi Micha,

That looks like a bug to me. Whatever the method of (re)composition of the original stanza, the addressing should be the same / reflect who the author was.

I have created a new issue based on your text in Without conversation.roomArchivingStanzas, 'from' address is incorrect · Issue #226 · igniterealtime/openfire-monitoring-plugin · GitHub