Monitoring Service Plugin upgrading problem

Since a new version release of the Monitoring Service Pluging was informed in the console, I operated to upgrade to version 1.0.1 from the admin console.

The messege shown was “successful”, but the warning message "Error unloading plugin monitoring. Will attempt again momentarily

" keeps remaining for every 20 seconds on the log.

How can I stop ?

Hola Como Estas,

You might need to restart the server if the plugin is not being unloaded correctly. Meanwhile, I will try to reproduce this problem.


– Gato


Thank you for your reply.

The same message was still left on the warning log after rebooting the server.

So, I deleted the Monitoring Service plugin from the admin console and rebooted the server.

It was deleted without any problem and the message does not come up again.


On the server delete any remaining parts of the plugin manually (monitoring folder, etc). Then try to re-install the plugin. If you installed the enterprise plugin previously, you may want to delete this also. Make sure all your other plugins are up to date. If had installed any other community developed monitoring plugins they could conflict as well.