Monitoring Service plugin

Just installed Monitoring Serviceplugin, but it’s just won’t work … there is no Server --> Archiving --> Archiving Settings… what i’m doing wrong ???

Installed this plugin via log into the admin console - plugin - Available Plugins - and just click to install this plugin.

openfire 3.5.2

The current version is not compatible with your version of Openfire. From the plugin change log:

1.1.0 – July 31, 2008

  • Compatible version with Openfire 3.6.0.

Try using the version from this doc:

10x a lot.

is 3.6.0a will work with it ???

Just wondering outloud, why is this set in the plugin.xml file?


If it was set to 3.6.0 , maybe folks would not be hitting this issue?


My guess is that somebody forgot to change that when they fixed the plugin to work with openfire 3.6.0.

and just cant find the plugins derictory, where to put monitoring.jar … where is it by default (freeBSD)

I have no clue where openfire is installed on your OS. The plugins folder is found within the openfire folder.


You could try uploading your monitoring.jar file to the server via the admin console. There is an upload option on the plugins page.


but there is no plugins derictory. It must be where openfire.xml located ???

it really helps. 10x