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More admin console localizations


What about Russain localization for Admin Console in OpenFire server?

Can I create that by myself?

What I need to know about localizations?


see http://wiki.igniterealtime.org/display/SPARK/GuideforTranslators

You’ll likely want to create a new file and hopefully contribute it to the community.



I’ll try to do this… Translating in progress now

Do you success with translation?

I tried to translate file - after ~800 lines I tried to load locale as in guide, convert it and named it as openfire_i18n_ru.properties. Then I change languare to ru in config - and saw an english interface and non-selected language… Renaming to openfire_i18n_ru_RU.properties and setting language to ru_RU does nothing. Also in language list I haven’t a russian language…

What I do wrong?