More on the Renaming of Wildfire

Thanks to everyone for the feedback on our need to move to a new name
for Wildfire. We are still working on a new name to take the
place of Wildfire. Also, based on the blog posts we received, we
realized that we should provide more clarification on how the trademark
issue arose, and our need to move to a new name. Here’s the story -

It started in December 2005, when we adopted the Wildfire name,
believing it to be available for use with our IM server. In 2006, a
company by the name of HBN, Inc. became aware of our usage, and HBN
noted that there was possible overlap with their usage of the Wildfire
name. They pointed out that they were first to use the Wildfire name
and requested that we rename our product to avoid any potential
confusion in the future. We agreed on it after some discussions around
the issue. When we first announced this situation, we did not mention
HBN but that is part of the story and our reason for changing names.

We’ll be moving forward with the new name shortly…

Great Job, Best of luck for future???..

Looking for more good news. Openfire is really a good name. So when is this name ceremony???.?

The name will change on the website today.

This is really a pleasant surprise for me I have been using wildfire from 2005 and have seen the changes in it from last 6 months or so I did not check your site for updates but when I did I was surprised. I just wanted to say that let it be openfire or wildfire nothing will change the way it works it is number one XMPP server

Thanks for bringing out this software

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