More sub forums


I wonder how good it would be to add some more forums within “Openfire Support”. Currently installation issues are mixed with database migration issues and with LDAP / AD configuration issues and with OutOfMemory issues and so on. This makes reading more or less interesting new forum threads a little bit complicated.

One can of course try to trust the tag groups and browse the forum using them but I wonder how good they are.


Too many places to post is not good either. Novice users will be confused and some will post in wrong sub-forum. Of course, personally i could skip all AD/LDAP threads. But activity in forums is not very high, so i’m not missing something interesting because of those threads. And i have already filtered my View. So, for me either way is ok. Not sure what’s good for the newcomers.

One could even add a `Novice Users´ forum for those who don’t want to read and think before posting.