More than 1000 users

Has anyone had problems getting approx more than 1000 users logged into wildfire v3.01. Running on a Sun T2000 with 8gb of ram and 4 processors. Can’‘t seem to get more than 900 to 1000 users without the wildfire processes hanging and everyone getting kicked off or can’'t login. Still using the embedded database. Thought that could be the problem. Anyone with more than 1000 users out there? Can you give some advice


I reached more than 40000 users using Connection Managers and a dedicated database (Postgres) but only with test tools. I never had so many real users until now.

I don’‘t know how internal DB works but in general first is probably to configure your JVM memory parameters using -Xmx -Xms. If you have 8Gb RAM, you could use 4Gb dedicated to Java (I read somewhere that JVM cannot use more than so much memory but I don’'t know if it is true).

Do you run your connection managers on seperate servers and how many do you have to get 40,000 users.


Its probably not the in memory database, although I would not recommend using it, simply from a maintenance point of view.

Things to check are your ulimit settings, you may not be able to open up enough sockets/threads.

And observe the Wildfire memory consumption, often the thread stack size needs to be reduced. You can search the forums for this information.



Conor is probably right, 900/1000 users corresponds well to the limit of file descriptor that can be started by default. Each connection starts a new thread and then a file descriptor, default limit is 1024 and as other threads are already started you can start a bit less than 1000 connections.

You can see an error related to something like unable to start a new thread or something telling too many files descriptor are opened. I don’'t remember precisely. You can just try by setting ulimit -n 64000 to be sure.

Concerning CMs I was able to reach around 15000 users per CM so for 40000 users I used 3 separate machines as CMs. Make a search in the forums I already talked about that.

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