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More than one domain

is there a solution to have more than one domain? with one wildfire app

Hi Menno,

yes there is, it was already discussed in more domains on one wildifre application[/url]. It seems that you missed to read the answer and mark your question as answered.

You can check all your open questions here: http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/questions.jspa


yes but i mean how to do then?

without install more programs? and change dns or something

Hi Menno,

maybe you want to explain your use case. You can set up as many domains for a Wifi as you like. But the clients will use the one which is configured as xmpp.domain, so it is not possible to do virtual mass hosting.

That issue was often discussed, also with Matt, in “Virtual Hosting update?” and one can be sure that this support will not be available soon.


so i must use more wildfire applications running at one time to use more domains like .nl .com