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More than one GroupChat open on one connection?

I’'m trying to build a client which reposts messages to new people who become present in a room. The plan is to let that client manage more than one room. Can one client open more than one GroupChat room, supposing that they each have a different name (url)?




Yes, a client can join any number of groupchat rooms. However, another option is that some servers support sending a history of the chat room conversation when a user joins the room.



Thanks Matt.

I am still not sure that I got my question answered, most likely because I didn’‘t make it clear what I’‘m doing. But, maybe when it’‘s clear, the answer is the same. Let’'s see.

Because, as you say, there are differences in server behavior, I need to build what I am calling JabberNanny, a client which sits in one conference room and spawns specific conference rooms at the will of administrative users. In those rooms, there will be no p2p conferencing, rather transfers of XML messages. I don’'t want the conference room to spill its history, just dump whatever has yet to be read by whichever prelisted client goes present.

So, I’'m trying to use the lone XMPPConnection that made the JabberNanny conference room create more GroupChat instances off the same connection.

Does that make sense?

If it doesn’'t, then the child GroupChats will need to grab their own connection. Yes?

Many thanks.