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More threads running in sleeping state!

Hi All,

I am running a server and using smack and smackx jars for supporting jabber. When I connect to jvm using java debugger and check what are the threads on server I could find 250 out of total 500 threads running on server with the following credentials (org.jivesoftware.smack.PacketWriter$1) Smack Listener Processor cond. waiting. These threads never die and Thread count is increasing tremondously and this is crashing our server. Can anyone tell me why this is happening and How can I solve this problem? Any help will be sincerely appreciated.

Cheers and Thanks,


Hi Manoj,

are you using “jive messenger 2.3.1” or the brand new “wildfire 2.4.0”?

This is the forum for client support, you may get better help in one of the “wildfire” forums. I will update my messenger installation tomorrow and take a look at it with sun’'s visualgc.



Thanks for the reply. I am using October 25’'th build for connecting to jabber.org, talk.google.com etc servers. I am new to programming and I will supply all the information needed to solve this, please help me.



Hi Manoj,

can you provide a stacktrace of your application?

The JVM will write it to standard error, you may want to look at http://tmitevski.users.mcs2.netarray.com/tracehowtos.do#ht1 for a detailed documentation how to get a stacktrace.

The owner of this pages offers also a java webstart application to generate stacktraces and more.

I assume that you will easily find out where the leak occurs, as nearly all threads will look equal. You may want to start the JVM with the “-Xint” option to get line numbers instead of “Unknown Source” within the stacktrace.

If you need further help then please post one org.jivesoftware.smack.PacketWriter$1 thread of your stacktrace.