MotD opens in Fullscreen since Spark 2.6.0 update


We use Spark as an in office IM client and use the Message of the Day plug-in for daily updates and memos. Since updating to 2.6.0 all of the MotD’s open in fullscreen so I have to alt+tab to get back to work.

Very annoying and I didn’t see any options in the MotD settings on Openfire.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!

can you provide a screenshot pls

what kind of window is the MOTD in? ChatWindow, DialogWindow, weird window, etc…

have never seen this motd so no idea what it looks like

It is a broadcast message.

I can not confirm this behaviour. My broadcast is normal size. How big is you text?

The text is the same size it has always been. I only updated my computer to 2.6.0 because I am the IT tech. I am not going to be updating any of our other PC’s until this strange issue is resolved. All of the other computers running 2.5.8 still work fine as far as the MotD broadcast is concerned. I first heard about the problem from our IT tech at our Virginia office and sure enough I experienced the same problem.

It is a fullscreen window and cannot be resized. It takes over the taskbar at the bottom of the screen so I have to alt+tab (easiest way) to get back to my other windows. I wonder if deleting all of our previous text would shrink it down, but I don’t think the management staff wants to lose that info. We use MotD as a daily reminder but they also scroll up and view the previous posts since they all just get lumped together seperated by “--------”.

Just so you guys know I did edit the original post with a screen shot, which may or may not be helpful. Are there any options for MotD or Broadcasts that I am overlooking?

If I understand the screen shot correctly, your text is long (more lines than the screen height) correct? Would it be acceptable for you to have scrollbars horizontal/vertical? Could you provide the text as attachment or is it considered confidential?

Issue is recorded as

The developer will be working on it tomorrow, any help/hint today will be helpful.

Yes scrollbars would be completely acceptable. The text is long but in 2.5.8 it would word wrap and the broadcast box was the same size as the default IM box with scroll bars. I just submitted another screenshot of the broadcast window from a different perspective I was able to get. Its just one of those weird, unmovable windows. Not sure what in the world the red siren looking image is but… its there.

All of your help is much appreciated and hopefully soon we can move forward with v2.6!


EDIT: The new screenshot was attained when I right clicked the broadcast in the taskbar and hit “Maximize”. The window is still un-movable at this point

Also all normal broadcasts sent to me work fine and show up in a normal sized window. The issue seems to lie solely with MotD. I actually private messaged Ryan the dev for that plug-in. Thanks again guys!

I think Message of the Day plugin is sending messages as broadcasts from admin. And broadcasts from admin in 2.6.0 has been changed from chat message to a dialog window. I think there was an option (maybe in or to use old behavior. Can’t find a commit or ticket.

by Default Server-Broadcast gettheir own JFrame containing the Message

also HTML tags like can be used

if you want server broadcasts handled like every other message including transcripts

set this to true


Broadcast window with scrollbar looks totally shitty (see screenshot)

how about sending the MOTD in a link on a website?

since the broadcastwindows is html-lite capable, it can display links : < a href =“stuff”> mylinktext < / a >


im not really happy with whats been changed, but now in 12386

if a broadcast is longer than 1000characters or contains more than 20linebreaks it will default to the “old ways”

the MOTD plugin is a total design failure, since it uses the server.broadcast feature,

hence the alert-sirene

Probably SPARK-1342 can be close as well

PLease check the build 336 it should solve your issue.

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Thank you so much! Just arrived at the office and downloaded build 336, worked like a charm, exactly as it did before.



Try a small MOTD. You will get the red light version of the panel.

One other thing I can’t figure out. When you receive a new message, the message doesn’t flash… is there any way to change this so it flashes as it did in version 2.5.8? Since our management staff gets soo many messages they need to know which ones are new.

EDIT: Hoping that restarting the computer helps, doing so now. Mine flashes in the taskbar just fine. Can’t figure out the difference between continuous and temporary but it works. My managers did not. Will update shortly. Sorry this is a different subject!

EDIT2: Seems like the Taskbar flashing might have some bugs that need to be looked into. Also you cannot right-click within the chat box. I hope I am helping in development and not sounding like I’m nitpicking. Just responding to feedback from my managers that use spark constantly throughout the day. I’m sure 2.6.1 will be right around the corner


can you please check taskbar flashing and notifications in the preferences? The flashing is dependent on a third party tool, it might be buggy and we will not dig into that.

BTW: We are working in our free time on this…