Move Openfire SQL Database

I need to move my Openfire SQL Server 2005 database to a different SQL Server 2005 server.

Can someone help with this?


  1. Stop the OpenFire Service/App

  2. Backup the SQL Database

  3. Restore the Database on the new user, don’t forgot to recreate the user and assign it to the database

  4. Open the config file (its a xml file) in the config folder where you have installed OpenFire

  5. Change the line where your “old” SQL server are written to the new one and change if its needed the login credentials…

  6. Start the OpenFire Service/App and check on the admin page if all are fine.

… thats all


Done…That was easy…Thanks!

No problem


I know this is an old thread but anyway…

I’m not very well versed in MSSQL so can you point me in the direction of any articles that can walk me through backing up and restoring a SQL database for this purpose? Also, an article on recreating the user would be hlepful.


Brodie, I recommend you download SQL Management Studio, install it onto both servers. Right click on your existing DB from within SQL Management Studio, select ‘Tasks’, then select ‘Back Up…’, complete the wizard. Once that completes, you will move your backup file to your new server, login to SQL management studio and right click on the root ‘Databases’ folder and select ‘Restore Database’. Once you’ve finished that, you will likely need to recreate Openfire’s user account, you can also do this through the management studio. It’s not very difficult and there should be loads of resources on this topic.