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Move openfire to another server with another ip but same web address

I have openfire running perfect with more then 200 users on a windows 2003 server and mysql as database. Now with some reasons i need to change it to different ip on next windows 2003 or 2008 machine with mysql database. How can i do it with all logs and datas be same? Any suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi Debendra

If you have installed the same version of Openfire and MySQL, you copy copy over the Openfire XML config file and backup and restore your DB to the new server (with Openfire shut down) - I assume you will use the same XMPP domain and just point it at the new server.

I have done this on a hot standby server using a CNAME for XMPP domain and just pooint it at the A record for the ‘live’ server


Yeah, I will have same domain just a different IP and may have a different name for localhost. I can install same versions of openfire and mysql. Is it openfire.xml i need to copy? Do i need to change anything on configuration file and does it have localhost name anywhere like ‘computer name’ coz it may differ from the previous one. I am more cautious because i need to transfer in a nite and next day it should be running up and live again as before.

Thanx for taking time for my problem. And hope again


you can simply install Openfire on another server and also transfer the mysql data.

The hostname or computer name does not matter, the only interesting thing is the xmpp.domain and I hope that you don’t want to change it.

As it has a new IP address you can also start it and test it (edit /etc/hosts or C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and add there the new ip address and the old DNS name / xmpp.domain). On windows you may need to run “ipconfig /flushdns” and restart your browser, then you should be able to access the new using the old name. This may also work for Spark anyhow I did not test it.


Thank You. It worked on test server. Thank You Again !!!