Move Spark to 2.6.0 final


how do we want to test patches like the one for or Both have patches in progress but they are not committed up to now to the trunk an nightly.

I would suggest to introduce them to the trunk after a review and let bamboo do a nightly. This give myself and others (e,.g. wroot) a good chance to test the patches.

Is cstux still active for reviews and final dicision to get patches in the trunk?


One more patch to go:

I’ve updated the thread a small bit about the patch in progress for SPARK-1184

I can commit it if need be (it is easy enough to roll back in the event something is wrong). Though before comitting there are some outstanding questions which should probably be addressed. otherwise I think that patch is well on its way to being wrapped up.


to add, i believe cstux is still around (Michael Will) I believe I saw a few commits from him recently.