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Move SparkTabbedPane to JTabbedPane

I have recode the old SparkTabbedPane to a new SparkTabbedPane based on the JTabbedPane Java 1.6

Before I commit, can somebody test this Patch and give me a response!

This recode is required to fix SPAR-889, SPARK-992, …/issues/browse/SPARK-724SPARK-724
SparkTabbedPane-to-NewSparkJTabbedPane.patch.zip (9373 Bytes)

I thought this patch will add untabbing button or something Well, i have aplied it and it works. But if you try hovering buttons in chat window toolbar (profile, file transfer, history, etc.), then chat window starts flickering (refreshing). You have to hold mouse over one button until tooltip appears and then move over the other buttons so tooltips will appear for them too, then one should see flickering.

I see that you have commited JTabbedPane. What about this flickering? Though this is not very nasty issue.

Is it possible to make those tab not so flat? They are “eating” too much space, imho. Also, with Syntethica theme there are some glitches all other the place, especially in Fastpath window.

The flickering is a bug from Synthetica. :frowning:

It is fixed with the newer synthetica, but Synthetica has changed the license to Commercial.

So I think we must replace the Synthetica L&F with another one. I will try substance.

Yes. I’ve heard that it is commercial now. I have tried to use only System look and feel, but i must say Spark looks horrible like that. Some parts are skinned, some not. Would be great to find some other nice skin.


Here are Screenshots from Substance L&F



That would look great with Spark, synthetica is kind of blah!

Here is a first test with an old version of substance 4.3.

I must be recode small things for a newer one (6.0).
spark-installer.jar (17550658 Bytes)

Looks nice. And that curve on the titlebar looks very similar to synthetica 4.3 is already a good option. Will wait for 6.0. It has some minor glitches, like rectangle and some small image showing on vcard tooltips and also that image is showing in the chat window (bottom left corner). Bookmarks menu is last on my system

Pity, but it has the same bug like Synthetica (or this is a Spark bug with skins) with resizing windows. If one have a large roster and opens broadcast window and htne tries to drag its border, then window is maximized to fit all the contacts without scrollbar.

Chat tabs are also pretty small – we have our MUC rooms named with single letters so that they weren’t overly large in synthetica, but with substance they appear to be quite tiny .

Yeah, i noticed that too, that in Substance tabs are wrapping to the name and doesnt have a fixed minimal size. Sometimes it is too easy to click on Close button

Hah, actually if you let the tabs expand to the second row, the ones on the second row stretch a lot – but the x stays right by the muc name/jid name.

Also, i think with the original TabbedPane tabs context menu was showing when right-clicking on the tabs pane or on the tabs themsleves. Now it only shows up if i right click under the tabs pane.

Yep, noticed the same thing.

One more thing we have noticed after testing this version with substance. Chat windows sometimes dont appear on new message. Lucky, that we have toast popups turned on. Then it is possible to notice who is sending a message and then find it. When i open chat window in such manner, then contact’s tab is bolded and in red. So it seems chat window was initialized, but wasn’t drawn in the taskbar. Windows XP SP3.

We’ve gotten that too (non substance) – HOWEVER, We had to disable Toast Popups because it was causing some major issues by having Auto Joining MUC rooms.

Toaster popups appear to read the entire MUC conversation history and throw it into the popup, and people had their spark locking up when they signed on due to toaster popups being overwhelmed.

Sometimes we have clients who get a message, get a new message indication from the person, but the window is completely blank.

I have also experienced the chat window not appearing when messages are sent. Other times, the chat window appears in the lower-left corner. This is using the latest version as of December 17, 2009.