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Move to org.igniterealtime namespace?

Similarly to XIFF, http://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/XIFF-45

why not move the namespace as it would seem more appropiate?

Perhaps this could/should be done across all applications and libraries within the scope of our community…

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I have actually been mulling that over in my head for awhile now. I would rather see new code written to that namespace, but it has the huge problem in that it completely breaks all backward compatibility. As it is, I have already published to the maven repo in that namespace (as group id), which breaks maven conventions.

Still, I would like to cleanup some of the structure of Smack. Things like loads of classes being put into the root package instead of broken down by functionality. If it ever goes that route, that would be the time. Just have to figure out if the gains would be worth the pains (and endless bitching )

How about one or two developers who know Smack inside out, would define mapping from the current structure to new one?

Once she/he/they would have compeleted the task and desribed in a document, a bigger group of active developers and users would start implementing and testing.

Surely it would be a good exercise to get rid of unused code, add documentation and make the whole codebase easier to use for those not familiar with it.