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Move users to an OU, spark/openfire no longer works?

Hi all,

Latest versions of openfire & spark - LDAP = 2003 AD.

My base dn is pretty simple - cn=Users,dc=domain,dc=local. Users run fine as long as they are in the USERS container, but if I move them to an OU, they get nothing but problems. I tried putting ou=newou in the base dn, and nothing works.

So my Q - how do I put OUs in the search? Or do all the users have to stay in the Users container?

Any help greatly appreciated,


if you move your users to OUs you need to adjust your baseDN accordingly. however all users must be in the new OU or a sub OU if you make it the baseDN (i.e ou=newou,dc=domain,dc=local).

Thanks for the prompt reply.

So if I put user accounts in seperate OUs, how do I setup openfire so that all users can have access? Or is there no way around this?



There are may ways. The best, IMO, is to create a nested tree of OUs. For example:

  • UsersOU
    • UsersSubOU1
    • UsersSubOU2
    • UsersSubOU3
    • LDAPGroupsOU (this would be security groups used specifically for LDAP applications)
  • ComputersOU
    • ComputerGroup1
    • ComputerGroup2
    • ComputerGroup3

If you do something like this point your baseDN to the UsersOU. It will find all users and groups in the subOUs too.

Thanks, you’ve been a great help. Just to be clear - what would the DN look like? (I remember reading somewhere that openfire has issues with ou= types of statements) something like this? <new OU is alluserou>


Or should it have something like ou=alluserou,dc=domain,dc=local ?




Wow, you are fast. Thanks for all the help.