Moved OpenFire 3.4.3 to another computer Enterprise plug-in broke

I moved OpenFire to another computer by actually moving the openfire folder to the other comptuer then reinstalling, everything went well except it broke the enterprise plug-in which allowed archiving. Didn’t notice right away because once I pointed the spark clients to the new server everything appeared to be working. Have less than 30 users and I am using the java database trying to keep it as simple as possible.

How do I fix the Enterprise plug-in?


If possible, you’ll need to uninstall the Enterprise plugin and reinstall it through the admin console. If it Enterprise plugin shows up in the available plugin space but does not give you the option to install the plugin, you might need to physically delete the Enterprise plugin from your filesystem and then you should be able to re-download and install it through the console.

Do I just go to the following location \Openfire\Plugins\ and delete the enterprise.jar file? Is their anything else I would neet to delete? After I do that do I need to stop and restart OpenFire?

Thanks I think you have me on the right road.

The enterprise.jar should be all you need to delete. If it doesn’t allow you to install the plugin after that, you’ll have to restart.

Thanks I have people in OpenFire now so I will need to restart later, I will update this post on my results after restarting.