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Moving from Jabberd2s8 to Wildfire

Ok folks here it is:



Postgresql (existing structure)

AMD 64 bit server architecture

existing LDAP login structure with authorized login. (ya gotta be in my list to log my server)

Using my current running Jabberd2 installation, I want to migrate from J2s8 to Wildfire 2.5.x. I need to migrate the PSQL database as well, as it has pre-existing roster information in it. Fairly straight-forward I know, but to know where to start is the difficult thing for me. Jabberd isn’‘t my install, it is inherited and don’'t particularly know that much about xSQL databases. Any thoughts in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Be sure to check out the database schema:

http://www.jivesoftware.org/builds/wildfire/docs/latest/documentation/database-g uide.html

also, the user import/export plugin might be useful: http://www.jivesoftware.org/wildfire/plugins/userimportexport/readme.html

You should be able to dump the existing rosters into the xml format and just use the plugin to import.

Ok, so what you are saying is.

Use the PSQL tools to do a data dump to an xml style table? and then use the different templates to import each xml page into its corresponding “new” table in the database Correct? So basically follow the instructions for Wildfire to create a new PSQL database, export the data from the old db, import to the new db (although it will reside on the same machine as the old one) and then point my compile to the new db.

Ok, so after all that, I should be able to go into the wildfire config file, point to my LDAP instance and test. Is this all in line with your thought?


Hey Jeff,

If I’'m not wrong some time ago (many many months) Daniel Henninger, who is the PyAIM main develop (I think), provided a script for this type of migrations. Try searching the forums for such script.


– Gato

Hi Jeff,

you could start with a clean Wifi installation and connect it to LDAP to get a feeling for it. But as long as you have no idea about SQL it could be hard to extract the users. Maybe you can ask an DBA to look at the jabberd and at the Wifi DB schema and write you a short script to do the migration. I image that it should be possible with some “create table wifi.jiveuser as select …”, so the data will never leave the database if you find an experienced DBA. But she will be not amused if she sees that Wifi is not using any foreign keys.


If I can find a script or atleast some sort of instructions on how to setup an extraction, I might be able to do a dump. I have the backgroup in IT, just not DB. I appreciate all the responses.

I almost thought you meant wireless to the question, but after rethinking, I think it was meant as Wildfire. I do have a VERY basic installation running on a test box (Fed4) sitting on my desk. I will do a search first thing in the morning for the scripts mentioned and see if I can get something started. One thing I learned a long while ago was RT*M, So I went out and bought a PSQL book for information as well.

Good Forum, Great Community!

Thank you,


Thanks all for the answers. I will search the forums for scripting and also attempt to find a DBA in the org. I am sure one of our Oracle guys can give me a hand with it.