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Moving from SQL Server to MySQL

Is there a script available for moving the OpenFire database from SQL Server to MS-SQL? If there isn’t I would be willing to give it a shot and opensource the code, I was thinking of writing it in C#.


maybe the Export-/Import-Plugin is fine for you.

Openfire does not include a tool to migrate databases from vendor A to vendor B - such a tool has little (nothing) to do with an XMPP server.


Thanks for your feedback, however I don’t think that the export import plugin will do the job for me as I also have private data stored, but i will give it a go and let you know whether it works.

I agree with you that the database has little (or more scathingly put - nothing) to do with XMPP on the same level that Java or Operating System have little to do with XMPP. The reason I put this question to the OpenFire community is in the hope that somebody else within the community has already done this task and hence save my time re-inventing the wheel. If nobody has yet implmented this feature, I am sure that at some point in the future somebody else may find this useful.

Attached is a simple console application written in C# .Net 2.0 that creates an sql file from an active SQL server instance that is used by an OpenFire server. The created SQL file can be used to import all the data into a fresh MySQL openfire database. The application could be greatly improved if it directly wrote the records found in the SQL server to the MySQL database without the necessity for the user to load the intermediary file. I have not attached the csproj file however if anybody would like it feel free to request. I have absolutely no license on this code you can use it as you feel suitable but please keep it legal and moral.

ESF Database Migration Toolkit can migrate from sql server to mysql or back in 3 simple steps.