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Moving gateway to neww server

i need to impliment a new server using sql instead of the embedded database. is there a way to move the gatway information to the new server so the users wil lnot have to re register there clints with the yahoo and such in spark?

In theory, if there’‘s a way to migrate from one database type to another (embedded db to mysql or whatever), then that would take care of it. However, I don’‘t believe such functionality exists. So… unfortunately I don’‘t have a “good” suggestion for you at this time. I don’‘t know how powerful the embedded db tools are. I mean just about any other database you could just write a quick script to convert … (like mysql to postgres or whatever) The embedded db is a little more painful (imo) to do things like that. You might want to ping the Openfire Support forum though and see if anyone has any good database migration tips. I’'m sure someone has run into this before. =)

It should be possible to take Openfire down, export the tables (you can get at the embedded db with TSQL) then reimport them.

I need to do the same thing, but can’'t really bring myself to do it (especially as the embedded db seems to be holding up well to my 1000 users, with 25% concurrency).


Where is tsql installed or where can you get it? =) (I don’‘t think I’'ve ever seen it)

Ignore me, I’'m talking rubbish - too used to using MS SQL servers - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transact-SQL

What I meant to say was that the tools that ship with Openfire will let you connect to the embedded DB and query the tables. You could then export/import the gateway table into the new server.