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Moving group chat rooms between Group Chat Services

Is this possible? It seems like when I hit X number of rooms, my Chat Service goes to hell and some users either can’t connect to it or they can but can’t see rooms or get into them. In the past the only solution I have been able to find is to build a new service and setup new rooms. I was wondering if I could create a new Service and try to balance the rooms between them without having to create new rooms.

It’s not possible, but your problem description also surprises me. What amount of rooms are we talking about here? Can you tell me how to reproduce this issue?

I have 15 rooms. All static, we don’t allow users to create them. Most are limited to 30 users, but I have one that is unlimited and has over 80 users in it sometimes.

Room access is controlled by the Roster Groups. I log room conversations.

I’m running Openfire 4.2.2 using SQL for the database. Users/Groups/Rosters are from ldap into Active Directory.

would you consider upgrading to 4.5.1? There have been many improvements made since 4.2.2? Some of those improvements may address your issue.

If thie issue persists I will. Right now we’re getting users working from home and they rely heavily on Chat and Rooms for communication. We’re 24/7 in some departments. So I know a change to this will be scrutinized heavily at this point.

unless you are using some custom plugins/code, the upgrade will likely go unnoticed with min downtime. I will say that there have been some great improvements made in 4.5.x in regards to ldap/ad and roster groups…

These are numbers that should not give you any problems. There are instances out there with many thousands of rooms.

Have you enabled debug logging? Anything interesting in the log files?

I think it might be a DNS issue.

I’m having a bit of trouble understanding the SRV records for the conference service. Would they be like so for AD DNS:

service: _xmpp-server
Protocol: _tcp
Port Number: 5269
Host: nameofconferenceservice.openfireservername.mydomain.com

I’m not sure about the AD DNS syntax (@speedy?) but the host should be the hostname of the server that’s running Openfire.

DNS SRV records are used to lookup what host (DNS A record) is providing a certain service (xmpp-server) for a particular (XMPP) domain. It always points to a network name, not a XMPP domain name.

Just an update, I have cleaned up some stale groups from the database that didn’t remove when they were deleted from Active Directory and they seemed to help a lot over the weekend. Today when we are getting our peak usage, after a certain amount of users are in the groups, users start to get “No Response from Server” errors.