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Moving jive messenger from one machine to another


I want to move the Jive Messenger Server from one machine to another. How do I backup all the users, groups etc and migrate them to the new machine?



which operating system are you moving from and to?

From Win XP to Win XP.


Hey Amit,

You will need to copy the /conf folder. And if you are using the embedded database then you will also have to copy the embedded-db folder.

Optional stuff to copy are: plugins and logs folder.


– Gato

Oh, and if you are going to change the server name then you may want to change the property setup[/i] to false[/i] in the conf/jive-messenger.xml file. Restart the server, log into the admin console and follow the setup wizard.

– Gato


When I moved Jive from Windows 2K to 2K3 all I did was install a fresh copy of Jive (same version as Win2K) on Win2K3 but did not start it up. Then I copied over the config file, library files and my external protocols over to the win2k3 server overwriting any existing files. I then moved my SQL database from 2k to 2k3 servers and Jive started up just fine.

I did have to change the computer name in the config file to reflect the server change. But other than that it was fairly simple.

Thanks a lot to everybody who replied. I was able to move the groups/users/settings without any problem

Thanks again,