Moving Openfire settings from a Windows Server to a Ubuntu server

Greetings, i’ve set up Openfire on a Ubuntu server, and i need to import settings from an existing Windows server. I managed to import user via a plugin, but i’m not sure what to do to get all the information from old server. I’ve tried importing embedded-db and conf files from old server to new, restarted the openfire service but it didn’t do the trick (judging from groups not being imported).

For this to work, it’s critical that you use the same XMPP domain name for the server. If you do that, then with moving files in the Openfire installation directory (from the conf and resources directory, possibly some others) and copying the database from the old to the new server, things should pretty much work. You could even try simply copying the entire installation directory from Windows to Ubuntu, and possibly take some startup scripts from a clean Ubuntu installation.

For inspiration, look at this guide that someone else posted not to long ago: Server Migration from Windows to Windows - #3 by Sanosan